Overcoming LifeTime Obstacles

Life Time Fitness member Warren Carlyle motivates anyone who has lost someone by showing them that despite the struggle, you can channel your energy into something positive.

I have always admired the success stories of Life Time Fitness members. It occurred to me other day that maybe someone could benefit from me sharing my appreciation of the company and what it did for me. I read the experience life magazine and always benefit from the positive stories I hear. Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

I have always been an optimistic person and very goal oriented. I have a strong belief that if you can tap into your mind and dig deep, there is absolutely nothing you can’t accomplish. This way of living for me was unfortunately put to the test when my mother was diagnosed with stage-4 breast cancer in fall of 2009. My mother was my complete and total support system growing up and her children were her number one priority. She worked as a waitress and a cashier for Diamond Shamrock before finally being able to attend college to make a living as a substance abuse counselor. I definitely acquired her determination and drive to see where I want to be and work my way there.

Having moved to Dallas a year prior to my mom being diagnosed, I had started a successful career in real estate and was selling homes while getting my commercial designation. Being 22 and realizing my success at such a young age I decided I could build what I had again, that my mother needed me, and so I got a part-time job in San Antonio and took my mom to her appointments and chemotherapy treatments.


The thought of losing my mother overwhelmed me daily. One morning while I sat through her treatment I tried to think of an outlet. I discovered fitness. I channeled all of my energy into the gym and decided that morning I would be strong for my mother. I went 5-6 days a week—not going wasn’t an option. I changed my diet completely and created a balance in my life that hadn’t been there before. I started at 145 lbs and about 20 months later I was weighing in at 215 lbs.


I looked like a completely different person and I was so surprised when people would come up to me and ask me for advice—It was all so new to me. July 22, 2011 my mother passed away at home in her room. Weeks before, when she was still conversational, every time I would walk in the room she would say, “There’s my model.” She told me, “You need to be a spokes model for something–I know no one else with your drive and determination.”

I always replay conversations my mother and I had now that she’s gone. A week after she passed I got a full time job as a leasing professional at Éilan, San Antonio’s most prestigious residences for lease, cut my hair, and started to diet down for fitness modeling. In 6 months I lost 45 lbs and went to my first photo shoot.

Life Time Fitness was a great support system for me. I made and am making so many friends there daily that treat me like family. They have all seen my transformation and I strive to be as motivational as I can giving them advice and making diet plans. I had at least 1 meal at the Life Time café daily and really enjoy the menu options and staff. I’m looking forward to the future and just wanted to share my sincere thanks with you all.


UPDATE: I have moved from Dallas to New York to advance my career in modeling and real esate. The picture below represents just a small portion of my Life Time family in San Antonio, I hope and am workig hard to continue to inspire people to follow their dreams through various avenues, including my Facebook fan page at www.modelwarren.com.

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