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Order out of Chaos: The Bedroom (Slideshow)

Watch as feng shui expert Andrea Gerasimo helps Jocelyn transform her bedroom.

  • BEFORE: The Stairs

    Shoes and other clutter made it difficult to maneuver the stairs.

  • BEFORE: A Disorganized Room

    What the bedroom looked like on a typical day.

  • BEFORE: The Shelf Unit

    Baskets holding clothes and accessories were messy and overflowing.

  • MID-SORT: The TV

    The television was the first thing to go.

  • MID-SORT: Starting Over

    The room was stripped to start from scratch.

  • MID-SORT: Rolling Out the Rug

    A new round rug slows down energy flow through the room.

  • MID-SORT: Adding a chest

    A chest at the foot of the bed creates a cozy space set apart from the rest of the room.

  • AFTER: The Stairs

    No more tripping up and down the stairs.

  • AFTER: A Finished Room

    The room has a calm and restful energy.

  • AFTER: The Shelf Unit

    The baskets were cleaned out and organized.

  • AFTER: The Morning View

    A beautiful picture is the first thing Jocelyn sees when she wakes up.

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