Order Out of Chaos: Linen Closet and Bathroom Makeover (Slideshow)

Andrea Gerasimo uses some decluttering and feng shui techniques to tackle the space of former EL fitness editor Laine Bergeson.

  • Bathroom Before
    Bathroom Before

    Another snapshot of Bergeson’s bathroom before reordering the space.

  • Bathroom Before
    Bathroom Before

    The bathroom housed a lot of products Bergeson didn’t use every day. Because our brains tend to categorize everything the eye perceives, it’s more tiring to be in a busy-looking room.

  • Linen closet before
    Linen Closet Before

    Bergeson’s linen closet needed editing. It was host to too many things she didn’t use often (like board games), while more essential items (like toilet paper) got crowded out.

  • Empty the closet
    Emptying the Bathroom and Closet

    Rather than trying to sort items in a compressed space, we emptied Bergeson’s entire closet and bathroom.

  • Grouping objects
    Setting Up Containers

    Grouping similar objects in containers makes them easier to find and retrieve.

  • laine and andrea
    Going Through Items

    Sorting through products from Bergeson’s bathroom.

  • closet organizing
    Organizing Items

    We check the expiration date on an ancient bottle of sunscreen.

  • Sorting
    Sorting Items

    Bergeson sorts items for donation, disposal, or disbursement to other areas of the house.

  • Linen Closet After
    Linen Closet After

    The middle shelves of the linen closet now host labeled bins with similar items, making things easy to find — and less likely to tip over. Lighter backup items live on the top shelf (not a great place for heavier items that could tumble down) and a fresh coat of turquoise paint makes it more pleasing and energizing to open the closet door.

  • Bathroom After
    Bathroom After

    Our goal was to populate the bathroom with things she uses daily — and little else.

Learn How to Organize Your Linen Closet and Bathroom Above

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