Order Out of Chaos: Laundry–and–Mudroom Makeover (Slideshow)

Experience Life team member Jamie Martin gets help decluttering her laundry-and-mud-room.

  • laundry-room-before

    Before, the main problem with Jamie’s laundry-and-mud room was the lack of receptive space. Because there was no place to put things down, everything ended up on the floor — and in the narrow walkway.

  • Before

    There was originally no place to put laundry, clean or dirty, except on the floor. This made folding and sorting tough — and created yet another
    obstacle to walk around.

  • discussing options

    Every decluttering starts with a discussion about what’s not working.

  • Sorting-boxes

    Then we clear out the space and sort through items by category to decide what stays and goes. Finally, we find appropriate homes for all remaining items.

  • sorting

    Sorting more items into bins.

  • after

    Clearing the floor beneath the sink made room for a laundry basket, getting it out of the walkway; we added lighter-color shelves to the dark corner, and some art for eye candy.

  • laundry room after

    A simple table provides a receptive space for solving a lot of problems with keys, bags, and laundry.

  • laundry room makeover

    A final look at Jamie’s newly decluttered laundry space!

Learn How to Organize Your Laundry-and-Mudroom Above

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