Order Out of Chaos: Desk Organization and Bill Payment (Slideshow)

Minimize the stress of paying bills by creating a simple system for household paperwork.

  • Desk-Organization- Before
    Desk Before

    The file cabinet next to the desk was so hard to open that Heidi let bills and other time-sensitive mail pile up on her desktop.

  • Desk Before
    A Distracting Surface

    Heidi’s desk wasn’t messy, but there were many distractions — and piles where things could get lost.

  • Discussing reminder systems
    Settling on Payment-Reminder Systems

    After considering a few different payment reminder systems, Heidi settled on entering due-date alerts on her smartphone.

  • bills separated from paperwork
    Items Get Separated

    Bills awaiting payment get separated from other paperwork, including “To Do” and “To Store” items.

  • Storage unit
    Easy-Access Storage Unit

    An easy-access storage unit allows Heidi to maintain a more mobile, flexible filing system.

  • Desk area after
    Desk After

    We replaced the sticky-drawered cabinet with an antique stand stocked with removable file boxes and a mobile bill-paying system. An “inbox” rests on top, keeping the desk clear and ready for action.

  • Desk after
    Open Surfaces

    The new, orderly surface opens up space for Heidi to focus on more interesting and creative projects.

  • mobile system with cigar boxes
    Mobile System

    Heidi created a mobile system with antique cigar boxes: One contains her bills; the other two house supplies, including stamps, a calculator, a stapler, and pens.

  • Mobile bill-paying
    Mobile Bill-Paying System

    Consider designing a mobile bill-paying system that holds invoices and supplies. This makes it easy to pay bills in any part of the house — and then put them away.

Learn How to Organize Your Desk Above

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