Pumping Irony

Craig Cox, an EL deputy editor and self-proclaimed resident geezer, explores the joys and challenges of aging well.

Mysteries and Mortality

Nobody knows how long they’re going to live, but a new study supports my approach — don’t fret about stuff and you may actually live longer.

Seniors are Serene

Seniors and Serenity

A new study suggests geezers are more serene than younger folks, a fact that may explain why my wife and I have survived a home renovation project.


Every Little Bit Counts

The older I get, the less I’m attracted to vigorous workouts. A new study suggests that may not be a bad thing.

Longevity Gap

Bridging the Longevity Gap

A new study shows that rich people are living a lot longer than the poor, but I’m not convinced it’s always about the money.

Dodging the Silver Bullet

Dodging the Silver Bullet

Life-extending drugs are all the rage, but a visit to a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine reminds me how well my aging body responds to a more holistic healing approach.


You Can Look It Up

Mysterious maladies often send us online to search for answers, a process that can result in more panic than prevention.


No Car, No Problem

Research suggests that geezers suffer when they can no longer drive, but I’m fully prepared for that possibility.