Pumping Irony

Craig Cox, EL’s director of business operations and resident geezer, explores the joys and challenges of aging well.

Dying to Live Well

Ezekiel Emanuel doesn’t really want to die at 75. He just wants to stop conforming to the Western medical model. So why not start now, while you’re young?

Trivial Pursuit

The good news is that geezers are better than youngsters in absorbing visual information. Or is that the bad news?

An Attraction to Distraction

Geezers are prone to distraction, but new research suggests that we can learn to improve our focus. At least I think that’s what I read. . . .

Falling From Grace

Falling geezers has become a public health issue, but I’m not sure zapping the soles of my feet is the answer.

A Geezer State of Mind

Is aging just a state of mind? Harvard psychology professor Ellen Langer argues you’re only as old as you decide to be.


A little back pain shouldn’t keep me from lifting heavy objects, should it?