Pumping Irony

Craig Cox, an EL deputy editor and self-proclaimed resident geezer, explores the joys and challenges of aging well.

Sounds Like a Plan

Some experts think geezers like me need more incentives to stay on the job past retirement age, but all the convincing I need is to look at my bank balance.

Damage Control

Experts say the more you exercise as you get older the easier it is for your body to heal. So why is my back still sore?

Driven to Detraction

Elderly drivers can pose serious public safety dangers, but few of us are eager to hang up our keys.

Exercise Hurts and Heals

Exercise Hurts — and Heals

New research suggests that regular exercise can help geezers heal muscles damaged by . . . regular exercise. But go ahead and do it anyway.

Another Senior Moment

A new study explains why geezers get distracted. We may just be paying attention to the wrong things.

Thin Gruel

Recent anti-aging research has left me hungry for better advice.

Your Brain on Yoga

Your Brain on Yoga

A new study suggests movement and meditation may conquer dementia and depression. My own experience suggests it promotes an odd sort of conviviality.