Pumping Irony

Craig Cox, an EL deputy editor and resident geezer, explores the joys and challenges of aging well.


You Can Look It Up

Mysterious maladies often send us online to search for answers, a process that can result in more panic than prevention.


No Car, No Problem

Research suggests that geezers suffer when they can no longer drive, but I’m fully prepared for that possibility.

Realm of the Sick

The ‘Realm of the Sick’

Recent research bolsters my inclination to abandon conventional medicine’s “fear-based” approach for something more positive.


This Idea Makes Me Sick

If a proposal by gerontology researchers is accepted by the World Health Organization, we’ll all soon be officially classified as terminally ill.

The Relaxation Response

The Relaxation Response

The latest ‘bad news’ from my doctor tells me it’s time to rethink conventional treatments — and relax.