Pumping Irony

Craig Cox, an EL deputy editor and self-proclaimed resident geezer, explores the joys and challenges of aging well.


More Than Meets the Eye

Age-related vision loss has long stymied researchers looking for a cure, but recent studies point to a dietary solution that validates a familiar canard.


The Wine of Youth

For more than a decade, we’ve been led to believe that the fruit of the vine may extend our life span. New research suggests it may be a bit more complicated than that.

Upside of Anxiety

The Upside of Anxiety

I do my best to avoid the stress that comes with worrying, but a new study suggests that a little angst can deliver some surprising benefits.

No Pills, No Problem

No Pills, No Problem

For years, I thought I was in the vanguard of geezers refusing the Big Pharma solution. Turns out I’ve always had plenty of company.

The Heart of the Matter

A new study suggests the simple, heart-healthy lifestyle of an indigenous Bolivian people offers a prescription for a longer life. It doesn’t work like that.

A Toothless Solution

Because Medicare doesn’t cover dental work, millions of geezers are avoiding the dentist’s chair. The result is a major oral-health crisis, which dentists are doing little to solve.


All or Nothing

Once I overcome the inertia that’s been keeping me out of the gym, I’m really going to go all out. Really.


The Secret of “Super-Agers”

The aging brain thrives on a healthy diet and vigorous exercise, but the real key to long-term mental acuity may simply depend on a roll of the genetic dice.