LINK LOVE: Workout of the Day, GMOs, Differences in Natural and Organic and More


We’ve gathered some of our favorite healthy-living links that we came across on the Web this week.

Welcome back to LINK LOVE! Every Friday, we highlight some of the most interesting healthy-living tidbits we’ve gathered from around the Web, and this week we’ve found a ton of great ones. We cover fitness, nutrition, quality of life, and health and wellness — and some “just-for-fun” stuff, too! Come across something you think we’d love? Tweet it at us, post it to our Facebook page or email us at with the subject “LINK LOVE.”

This week we’ve pulled together some great information from Mother Jones,, TED Talks and more. Enjoy!


Greatist Workout of the Day
Bored with your workout routine? Mix it up with this one we love from Greatist.

Health and Wellness

Why Dehydration Is Making You Fat and Sick [Infographic]
We love this infographic that visually lays out what dehydration does to your body, as well as the amount of water that makes up your brain, muscles, bones and blood.

Why Farmers’ Markets? [Infographic]
We loved this infographic from the Farmers Market Coalition!


5 Surprising Genetically Modified Foods
Maggie Caldwell with Mother Jones answers your questions about GMOs, including what they are, what they’re in, and how to avoid them. For more information, don’t miss our article, “Frankenfood = Genetically Modified Foods.”

The Difference Between “Natural” and “Organic”
Food labeling continues to be more challenging to wade through. created a simplified chart to help you be informed about the differences between foods labeled “organic” and “natural.” For more on label reading, check out “How Healthy People Decode Labels.

Quality of Life

TED Talk: Why 30 is not the new 20
Clinical psychologist Meg Jay on why many twentysomethings feel trivialized during a defining and transformative period of their lives.

Just for Fun

10 Amazing MRI Stills of Fruits and Vegetables
Ever wonder what the inside of your food looks like? Don’t miss these amazing MRI images!

Spirograph World Map
In just two months, British artist Rachel Evans created a world map using a spirograph!

Featured image is from Elle.

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