LINK LOVE: Overcoming Obstacles, An Unconventional Kettlebell Exercise, Smart Phone Overuse and More


We’ve gathered some of our favorite healthy-living links that we came across on the Web this week.

Welcome back to LINK LOVE! Every Friday, we highlight some of the most interesting healthy-living tidbits we’ve gathered from around the Web, and this week we’ve found a ton of great ones. We cover fitness, nutrition, quality of life, and health and wellness — and some “just-for-fun” stuff, too! Come across something you think we’d love? Tweet it at us, post it to our Facebook page or email us at with the subject “LINK LOVE.”

This week we’ve pulled together some great and inspiring information from Whole Life Style Nutrition, Mindful magazine, Dr. Frank Lipman, and more. Enjoy!


The Crazy Move That Torches Your Gut: The Juggler
Men’s Health provides a video tutorial for an unconventional kettlebell exercise that targets the core: the juggler.

Health and Wellness

In a new battleground over toxic reform, American Chemistry Council targets the states
Ronnie Greene, a senior reporter at the Center for Public Integrity,  addresses the American Chemistry Council’s delay and refusal to review a bill that would have allowed Connecticut’s Public Health Department to identify and list chemicals that pose dangers to children. We especially love the interactive map in the “Toxic Clout in the States” section.


Infographic: We’re Breeding the Nutrition Out of Food
We love this infographic from Whole Lifestyle Nutrition, which compares the nutrition levels in our current food supply with the nutritional values from 10,000 years ago.

Quality of Life

Science Has Been Misleading You About Some Fundamental Truths
Upworthy posted a video with original words from Charles Eisenstein’s TEDx Talk about being an interconnected being with the rest of the Universe, and seeing the importance of being in service to something larger than ourselves.

Short Film About Smart Phone Overuse
Are you addicted to your smart phone? This short film from Mindful magazine will help you reflect on your own gadget use.

Just for Fun

The Sole to Persevere: Lessons from the World’s First Armless Pilot
 Dr. Frank Lipman shared this inspiring video about overcoming obstacles with creativity and positivity.

Animation: Floating in my Mind
We love this French short about one’s journey through life, the memories we create, and the people we meet.

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