LINK LOVE: 8 Killer 15-Minute Workouts for Home or Outside, Ditching Your Microwave, Cereal Puffing Guns and More

We’ve gathered some of our favorite healthy-living links that we came across on the Web this week.

Welcome back to LINK LOVE! Every Friday, we highlight some of the most interesting healthy-living tidbits we’ve gathered from around the Web, and this week we’ve found a ton of great ones. We cover fitness, nutrition, quality of life, and health and wellness — and some “just-for-fun” stuff, too! Come across something you think we’d love? Tweet it at us, post it to our Facebook page or email us at with the subject “LINK LOVE.”

This week we’ve pulled together some great information from Food Babe, Jules’ Fuel, and more. Enjoy!


8 Killer 15-Minute Workouts for Home or Outside
Short on time? Don’t miss a workout with these quick-but-challenging exercises from Jules’ Fuel, including burpees, tabata, running stairs, power yoga, dancing and more!

Stair Mastery
Try this do-anywhere workout from the Experience Life archives to start your weekend off right.

Health and Wellness

Why It’s Time to Throw Out Your Microwave
Check out these five reasons from Food Babe why you would be better off not “waving” your food.

DIY: Make Your Own Natural Hand Sanitizer 
We love this DIY recipe (with video) from MindBodyGreen to keep your hands sanitized without the toxins.


5 Reasons to Kick Mass-Produced Meats Off Your Plate
We’ve posted reasons to eat grass-fed, hormone-free meat before, but we’re digging Dr. Frank Lipman’s list of reasons to stop eating mass-produced meat.

Quality of Life

3 Questions to Ask the Next Time You Doubt Yourself
Adelma Lilliston with MindBodyGreen gives you three questions to ask yourself when doubt creeps in.

Just For Fun

Museum of Food & Drink Kick-Starts First NYC Exhibit 
Ever wonder how cereal is made? At the Museum of Food and Drink, you can watch cereal getting shot out of a puffing gun beginning in August, as well as learn the history behind the breakfast grain.

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