LINK LOVE: Name Your Bicycle, The Benefits of Wandering, and More

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We’ve gathered some of our favorite healthy-living links that we came across on the Web this week.

Welcome back to LINK LOVE! Every Friday, we highlight some of the most interesting healthy-living tidbits we’ve gathered from around the Web, and this week we’ve found a ton of great ones. We cover fitness, nutrition, quality of life, and health and wellness — and some “just-for-fun” stuff, too! Come across something you think we’d love? Tweet it at us, post it to our Facebook page or email us at with the subject “LINK LOVE.”

This week we’ve pulled together some inspiring information from 99U, Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, and Next Avenue. Enjoy!



Name Your Bicycle

Image from Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition.

More Biking: Bikenomics: How Bicycling Can Save the Economy, Pedaling Positivity, So, You Want to Be a Cyclist



Artificial Food Dyes and Kids: Not a Good Mix

Image from Dr. Frank Lipman.

More on Food Dyes: The Truth About Artificial Food Colorings, What Makes a Shamrock Shake Green, Kraft to remove artificial dyes from select macaroni and cheese varieties



Quick Study: The Latest on Vitamin D and Dementia

Image from Next Avenue.

More on Vitamin D: The Vitamin D Debate, The Lowdown on Vitamin D, Low vitamin D levels linked to cancer and heart disease, studies shows



A Troublemaker’s Manifesto: The Benefits of Wandering

Image from 99U.

More on Wandering and Traveling: The World At Your Feet, Take a Break, Don’t Miss Your Life

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