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- Weight Loss -

False Fat

Allergy-like food sensitivities may be the blame for at least part of your pudge. Lay off your problem foods and you could lose unwanted pounds and inches — fast.

Reinforcing Weakest Links

It used to be that as one aged, one gradually accumulated prescription drugs in response to an ever-growing array of symptoms: One for arthritis, one for high blood pressure, one for digestive troubles, etc. Now though, some future-thinking medical practices are assembling networks of diverse medical specialists and technologies with the intent of revolutionizing the standard, reactive approach to mid- and later-life medicine.

- Fitness Tips -

Very Proprioceptive of You!

According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, proprioceptive forms of training – activities, like balancing on a wobbly surface, that require the body to “self-monitor” and adjust based on subtly shifting physiological signals – are very effective in improving dynamic joint stabilization and functional strength. But wait, that’s not all!