Department: Full Speed

Test Your Endurance

Sometimes the best way to track your progress toward your fitness goals is to pick a test and make it a regular part of your regimen. Which benchmark assessment you choose depends on what you want to measure.

The Inside Tri

Indoor triathlons are the perfect preseason prep for veteran triathletes, a great way for beginners to get started and an excuse-proof event for those who say they can’t race.

The Big Event

When your workouts are lagging, nothing can get you charged up quite like registering for a really big race.

Go, Team!

Participating in an athletic event as a family—from a fun-run 5K to a full-on Olympic triathlon—can improve your fitness, and your bond with each other.

Back in the Game

A muscle strain, joint sprain or contusion suffered just before a competition could put you on the shelf. Here are some quick-fix options.

A Mighty Mix

Far from diluting an endurance athlete’s workout program, adding flexibility, strength and speed components can improve fitness results and supercharge sports performance.

3 Months to Your First 5K

Competitive running doesn’t require superhuman athletic ability — just a willingness to train and a realistic plan. Here’s how to make it to the finish line for the first time.

New Start, Strong Finish

This year’s Life Time Fitness Triathlon in Minneapolis saw the world’s top professional triathletes and the best U.S. amateurs compete in an event that served as both a wrap-up and kickoff.

Join the Movement

More than a hot fitness trend, functional training can help teach your body to move more effectively in specific sports – as well as in everyday activities.