What’s in Your Wine?

Most bottles contain more than just grapes and yeast. Find out which ingredients find their way into wine — plus…

2 months ago

How Good Is Your Tap Water?

Curious what's in your tap water? Check out the Environmental Working Group's new Tap Water Database.

3 months ago

EWG Releases 2020 “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean Fifteen” Lists

Here are the most contaminated — and cleanest — fruits and veggies.

10 months ago

How to Control Weeds Naturally

Don't rely on toxic herbicides to get the job done. Try one of these eco-friendly methods to manage your lawn…

2 years ago

Where Have All the Birds Gone?

Recent findings reveal sharp losses in bird populations across Europe. Scientists think agricultural pesticide use may have a role.

3 years ago

Dramatic Insect Decline in Germany Has Scientists Buzzing

A 76 percent drop in flying insects in German nature reserves has some experts concerned about an “ecological Armageddon.”

3 years ago

Organic, Sustainable, and Biodynamic Wine: A Q&A With Wine Republic’s RJ Judalena

A wine maestro discusses best wine practices — and offers his top picks for biodynamic reds, whites, rosés, and sparkling…

3 years ago

Troubled Waters

Here's what you can do to help protect and preserve this critical resource.

4 years ago

Agricultural Pesticides Found in Tap Water. Here’s What To Do.

A widely used class of agricultural pesticides has been found in drinking water, according to a new study. Here’s how…

4 years ago

6 DIY Cleaner Recipes

Clean your home safely — and cheaply — with the following recipes.

4 years ago

A Whiff of Good News

Industry giant Unilever opts to reveal fragrance chemicals in all of its personal-care brands.

4 years ago

Hawaiian Bees Are First to Be Designated as Endangered

Federal protections have been given to seven bee species in the hopes their populations will rebound.

4 years ago

Healthy on the Inside

The Mayo Clinic and a New York design firm are collaborating to explore the relationship between built environments and our…

4 years ago

Revolutionary Act 21: Keep Your Body Clean, Inside and Out

Toxins, poisons, and other gunk have no place in the temple. Avoid artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, fragrances, petrochemicals, and other…

5 years ago

Leading Pesticide Company to Nix Toxic Neonicotinoids

Backyard gardeners will soon be able to protect their plants — and the bees that pollinate them.

5 years ago

A Shopper’s Guide for Avoiding Pesticides

The Environmental Working Group updated their Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 lists of conventionally grown produce for 2016 — with…

5 years ago

Small Beads, Big Trouble

How you can steer clear of cosmetic microbeads to safeguard our environment — and your own well-being.

5 years ago

Revolutionary Act 15: Raise Your Sights

Don't get sucked in by obsessions with six-pack abs and buns of steel. Don't play "compare the bodies." Fulfill your…

5 years ago