How to Return to Work After a Furlough

Returning to your job after a furlough is likely to raise some complicated emotions. This expert advice can help you…

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When Not to Share

Posting about your life on social media is now considered the norm — but there is some information that is…

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Do You Suffer From Imposter Syndrome?

How to stop imposter syndrome from sabotaging your success — and your happiness.

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Guiding Perspective

We all lead and follow in different aspects of our lives. To make the most of these opportunities, let's do…

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8 Tips for the Healthy Remote Worker

How to stay productive and healthy while working remotely.

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The Problem of Caregiver Burnout

People who are professional caregivers may experience vicarious trauma. Here's why.

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What to Say (and Not Say) When Someone You Love Is Burned Out

Here are five tips to remember when talking to a loved one who is burned out.

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9 Ways to Beat Workplace Burnout

Feeling burned out on work can seriously harm your physical and mental health. Here are nine ways to rediscover the…

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How to Overcome Workplace Burnout

The effects of workplace burnout are real and widespread. Here are some signs of burnout — as well as strategies…

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Our Lives in These Pages

How the Experience Life team’s real-life experiences influence our coverage of healthy-living topics.

1 year ago

How to Move Forward

A five-step process for pursuing your purpose-driven ambitions.

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How to Set Boundaries Between Work and Home

In an increasingly digital work culture, holding space for loved ones can be challenging. These expert tips can help you…

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Respecting your body’s natural energy cycles is the key to clarity, creativity, and focus.

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How to Take a Walk

Whatever your workday looks like, odds are you could use an occasional break. Learn how to make the most of…

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A Change of Perspective

Why taking a global view more often is good for us all.

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Do Women Experience More Stress Than Men?

The stress gap between men and women may be growing, according to recent research. Here are three ways to manage…

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How Do I Freshen Up After a Bike Commute to Work?

Even if you don't have a shower at your workplace, you can still ride your bike to work. Here are…

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How to Take a Sabbatical

Thinking of taking some time off? Here are six tips to actually make it happen.

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Self-Care for the Self-Employed

These four self-care tips can help you stay sane and healthy when you're self-employed.

2 years ago

A Work in Progress

Instilling healthy habits in the workplace takes effort — even when your business is healthy living.

2 years ago

Workday Workouts

Squeeze in activity throughout the day with these creative body-strengthening mini-workouts.

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