Personal Development

- Personal Development -

The Way I Hear It

In an era where calls for personal responsibility are becoming more popular, I would love to hear our President and elected officials call on Americans to lay off the burgers, sodas, fries, white bread and cheese dip and get out for a morning walk or evening yoga class.

- Perspective by Bahram Akradi -

Quantum Leap

Even during the best of times, the turn of a year is a natural time to reflect on what we’d like to see changed, and what we’d like to do differently. I think this particular New Year presents especially rich opportunities in that department.

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Nighttime Revival

I step outside into the cold night air and look up at the stars, thinking about the countless generations of ancestors who’ve done the same — some of them sleepless with worry, perhaps, but more of them called by the mystery and beauty of the night sky to look up, to notice, to feel lucky to be in this particular place and time, and to feel the wonder of being alive.

- Personal Development -

Seeds of Revolution

Looking back 10 years from now, I believe we’ll all be struck not so much by how forward thinking and revolutionary these contemporary medical approaches were, but that any of us were ever remotely satisfied with a medical system that did not embrace these self-evident values.