Personal Development

My New Year’s Resolution? Be Myself.

Moving past aesthetic goals during resolution season is possible, if you explore what true happiness means to you.

2 days ago

How to Stop Doomscrolling

We all do it, especially in these trying times. Here are four tips to stop doomscrolling — and improve your…

1 week ago

Crystal Clear

A manifesto for change.

2 weeks ago

The End of Fear

Psychotherapist Richard Schaub shares insights from his groundbreaking work on how we can acknowledge our vulnerability, build our courage, and…

2 weeks ago

COMING CLEAN: The Season of Light and Dark

Our managing editor on how to bring joy to your winter life.

3 weeks ago

5 Tips to Cultivate Empathy

Practicing empathy is an essential step to resolving conflict and developing meaningful relationships. Here are five ways to activate empathy.

3 weeks ago

What I’ve Learned

How two questions inspired this column — and opened the door to reflection and imagination.

3 weeks ago

The Evolution of Aly Raisman

The former competitive gymnast and two-time Olympian opens up about surviving sexual assault and moving toward healing through mindfulness and…

3 weeks ago

Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Care

Why the ancient healing art of Ayurveda is winning modern fans.

4 weeks ago

5 Ways to Reduce Fear and Boost Vitality

How accessing breath, water, nature, relationships, and altruism can help us reclaim our energy.

4 weeks ago

5 Questions to Ask Your Partner About How They Handle Conflict

Deepen your connection with your partner with these questions about overcoming obstacles.

1 month ago

How to Embrace Uncertainty

Ease your concerns about the unknown by learning to get comfortable with the unknowable.

1 month ago

9 Questions to Ask Your Partner About Sex and Intimacy

Deepen your connection with your partner with these questions about deepening intimacy.

1 month ago

7 Questions to Ask Your Partner About Trust and Commitment

Deepen your connection with your partner with these questions about vulnerability, trust, and commitment.

1 month ago

The Year of Self-Love

Our managing editor attends a size-inclusive retreat and unlocks her inner strength and the benefits of a body-positive mindset.

1 month ago

Paths of Possibility

Moving toward a future that shines, one step at a time.

2 months ago

5 Essential Conversations for Any Couple

Deepen your connection with your partner with these conversation templates from two relationship experts.

2 months ago

Taking Notice

When we stop to focus on what we can do and what is good, we can find reason to hope.

2 months ago

Grit and Glitter: Jessie Diggins

For Nordic skier Jessie Diggins, winning Olympic gold was just the beginning. She now uses her platform to spread the…

2 months ago

How to Keep a Gratitude Journal

Simple tips for recording the joys — and challenges — that enhance your life.

2 months ago

Defining Myself

“Who I am” is complex and ever-changing. And that’s a good thing.

2 months ago