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What, Me Worry

When I was a kid, my mom referred to me affectionately as her "worry wart." This was because, from a very early age, I fretted and worried myself silly over just about everything, from whether my toddler tights were on straight, to whether or not other kids would like me, to whether I would grow up to be the sort of adult I imagined I was supposed to be.

Force of Will

When it comes to our pursuit of goals and accomplishments, the source of our motivation may dictate the force of our efforts.

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Will and Grace

It starts when some nice clerk ma'ams you at the supermarket. Then you notice waitresses aren't asking to see your ID quite so often. Next thing you know, you're saying things like, "When I was younger," and it no longer sounds even a little bit silly.

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We’ve Got Mail!

A magazine is always delighted to hear from its readers - even with constructive criticism and gripes. But of course, we especially love hearing when we are doing something right, and when we asked you to tell us what you thought of the past few issues, many of you were kind enough to write and tell us just that.

The High Cost of Being Hurried

We are a nation of speed freaks. Scheduled to the max, rushed to the point of distraction, we still can't seem to get it all done. Our obsession with productivity may make us efficient, but is it worth it?

New Year, New Way

Forget what you think you know about New Year's resolutions. You're about to embark on a fascinating and victorious quest for the body you've always wanted.

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New Year, New Way

 Watching the news on DEC. 13, I caught the panic piece about American obesity. At last, it’s an official crisis - announced by the Surgeon General and broadcast from the same sort of press room that usually issues sober reports about war, terrorism and global warming.

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Diagnosis: Affluenza

It's an epidemic that's sweeping the nation and infecting millions of American consumers with an insatiable desire for more. Have you got the bug? Take our quiz and assess your treatment options.

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Food for Thought

Well, this is my second issue editing Experience Life , and I’ve decided that working on a health-focused magazine is pretty great. You get to meet all sorts of interesting, healthy people and read all sorts of interesting, healthy books. And you learn an amazing amount about health and fitness. Of course, sometimes it’s more than you wanted to know.