- Aging -

Dying With Dignity

In a new study by the Stanford University School of Medicine, 88 percent of the 1,081 doctors surveyed say they would choose a do-not-resuscitate status if they had a terminal diagnosis rather than be hooked up to machines and feeding tubes in their final days.

- Mindfulness -

Brain-Body Benefits of Meditation

The influences of meditation stretch from head to toe, positively affecting your brain, heart, and immune system, and helping with chronic pain, insomnia, and depression. We’ve rounded up some intriguing recent research showing that meditation is a powerful ally for mind, body, and spirit.

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Behind the Scenes With Marie Forleo (Video)

An entrepreneur, Web celeb, and the host of MarieTV, Marie Forleo has found her calling in helping others pursue their dreams and identify their passion and purpose. Hear more from her about the importance of embracing our individual greatness and how owning our strengths can help change the world in our exclusive video.