One Step At a Time: Blake Mycoskie

The TOMS Shoes and Madefor founder talks about embracing challenges, seeking the next adventure — and enjoying the journey along…

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The End of Fear

Psychotherapist Richard Schaub shares insights from his groundbreaking work on how we can acknowledge our vulnerability, build our courage, and…

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COMING CLEAN: The Season of Light and Dark

Our managing editor on how to bring joy to your winter life.

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9 Questions to Ask Your Partner About Play and Adventure

Deepen your connection with your partner with these questions about how to have more fun.

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How to Embrace Uncertainty

Ease your concerns about the unknown by learning to get comfortable with the unknowable.

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7 Ways to Experience More Joy

Two longtime meditation practitioners share their principles for building more joy into your daily life.

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How to Keep a Gratitude Journal

Simple tips for recording the joys — and challenges — that enhance your life.

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How to Stop Ruminating

These strategies can help you break free from the spiral of negative thoughts.

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Why Meaningful Encounters Matter

Loneliness is a huge health risk for us all. Here are ways to create more high-quality connections.

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18 Ways to Break Your Cellphone Habit

Feel like your smartphone is controlling your life? These strategies can help you set it down and reclaim control of…

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How to Build Love and Trust During a Pandemic

Relationship coach and author Margot Schulman offers practices for building resiliency and deepening our relationships during the coronavirus pandemic and…

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For the Love of Summer

No-cook summer meals, escapist reads, outdoor fitness — plus so many more ways to make the most of summer!

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The Meaning of Grief

Grief expert David Kessler explains the importance of the “sixth stage of grief.”

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Five Wellness Trends to Embrace This Summer

Here are a few self-care strategies to jump-start your health this season.

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Do You Suffer From Imposter Syndrome?

How to stop imposter syndrome from sabotaging your success — and your happiness.

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8 Ways to Laugh More

Why laughter really is the best medicine — plus tips to laugh more!

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Uncovering Natural Awareness

Renowned meditation teacher and author Diana Winston shares tips for cultivating a more wakeful state.

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Words of Wisdom

A collection of wisdom from health-and-wellness leaders to help you build resiliency and navigate the chaos of life during the…

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Guiding Perspective

We all lead and follow in different aspects of our lives. To make the most of these opportunities, let's do…

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Why Touch Matters

Welcome physical contact is good for our health and happiness.

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