Weight Loss

The UltraSimple Slimdown

Dr. Mark Hyman shares the seven-day program he uses to help thousands improve their health, drop unwanted pounds and transform…

4 months ago

25 Ways to Make Time for Fitness

Too busy to work out? Doubtful. The truth: Finding moments to move is entirely within your grasp.

6 months ago

Beyond BMI: Why True Health Is About More Than What You Weigh

How much you weigh gets a lot of attention despite being one of the least telling measures of health.

6 months ago

7 Reasons to Stop Yo-Yo Dieting

Yo-yo dieting, also known as weight cycling, can be hard on your health. Here are seven potential side effects.

6 months ago

Authentic Body Love: Q&A With The Birds Papaya

For writer and podcast host Sarah Nicole Landry, self-worth goes beyond her body. She shares her evolving journey of what…

1 year ago

Why Intermittent Fasting Isn’t Right for Everyone

Intermittent fasting has many therapeutic uses, but not everyone should try it. Here's why.

1 year ago

Anatomy of a Potbelly

Lurking under all that unwanted abdominal fat are hidden dangers that can hurt us to the core.

1 year ago

Weight-Loss Rules to Rethink

Forget what you've been told. Forget what you think you know. Start breaking the rules, and you might just start…

1 year ago

Lift to Lose Weight

Can you lose weight just by lifting weights? If you want to get leaner, it’s time to start strength training.…

2 years ago

Should Women Try the Keto Diet?

Some women don't do well with the keto diet, while others do. It might come down to hormones, says one…

2 years ago

What You Need to Know About the Keto Diet

Is the keto diet safe? Nutrition experts explain the pros and cons of this popular protocol.

2 years ago

Intuitive Eating for Weight Loss

As an alternative to doomed diet regimens, some weight-loss experts recommend tuning in to our own instincts and trying intuitive…

2 years ago

Jason Schanta’s Success Story

Connecting with his bigger why helped one man kick his emotional-eating habit and learn to love working out.

2 years ago

The Mindful Food Journal

If you track what’s on your plate as well as what’s happening in your mind and body, you can learn…

2 years ago

How Your Hormones Affect Weight Loss

In his new book, The Setpoint Diet, New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Bailor talks about how to balance your hormones…

2 years ago

Having Trouble Losing Weight? It Might Be Your Thyroid

Many thyroid conditions go undiagnosed, but a properly functioning thyroid is key to maintaining a healthy weight.

2 years ago

How Insomnia Leads to Weight Gain

Chronic stress that keeps you up at night can increase the production of fat cells.

2 years ago

Derek Ballard Jr.’s Success Story

By switching to a plant-based diet and redoubling his training efforts, this young basketball player finally lost the weight that…

2 years ago

9 Missing Links to Weight Loss

These often-overlooked factors can help you achieve — and sustain — a healthy weight.

2 years ago

The Pros and Cons of 6 Trendy Diets

Here’s a look at some popular diets and how they might — or might not — fit your unique nutritional…

2 years ago

Can Intermittent Fasting and Protein Cycling Slow Down the Aging Process?

The author of a new book, Glow15, describes how an innovative dietary combination can help you lose weight and keep…

3 years ago