Stress Relief

How to Stop Doomscrolling

We all do it, especially in these trying times. Here are four tips to stop doomscrolling — and improve your…

2 weeks ago

How to Break Free From Fear

A shamanic healer explains how fear drains our vitality — and how we can reclaim more energy.

2 months ago

How to Make Your Own Bath Salts

This simple and fragrant bath salts recipe can be modified endlessly to meet your mood.

2 months ago

The Stress Alarm

Our biological stress response operates the same whether threats are real or perceived. Here's how your system reacts.

2 months ago

4 Signs That You’re Stuck in Overdrive

Here are four signals that your body may be having trouble downshifting.

2 months ago

3 Healthier Stress Responses

Use these techniques to consciously shift your body's response to stress into a state that’s calm, secure, and replenished.

3 months ago

How to Lower Your Political Stress Level

A constant barrage of political advertising and infighting can raise your anxiety level. Here’s how to calm down this election…

3 months ago

9 Types of Emotional Triggers

Feeling discounted, vulnerable, and self-conscious are just three common categories of emotional triggers.

3 months ago

When to Seek Help for Anxiety

If you're struggling with anxiety and unsure whether to seek help or ride it out, consider the following factors.

4 months ago

18 Ways to Break Your Cellphone Habit

Feel like your smartphone is controlling your life? These strategies can help you set it down and reclaim control of…

5 months ago

How to Relieve Stress During a Pandemic

You may be experiencing a chronic state of stress activation known as “allostatic load.” Our experts offer five techniques to…

6 months ago

Self-Care for Activists

Self-care is not escapism: It’s a way to remain present, connected, and committed. Here's how to battle burnout if you're…

6 months ago

How to Help Children Handle the Stress of Coronavirus

Four experts weigh in on child and family behavior amid the global pandemic.

8 months ago

How to Deal With Pandemic Burnout

A therapist who specializes in burnout offers tips for self-care during a crisis.  

9 months ago

How to Live Through Uncertain Times

Strategies for reframing fear and enjoying life in the face of anxiety.

9 months ago

The Stress Response May Start In Your Bones

Why the flight-or-fight response is about more than adrenaline.

10 months ago

What Is Sound Healing — and Is It Right for You?

Taking a sound bath turns on the relaxation response and may help combat chronic stress.

10 months ago

12 Strategies for Self-Care While Social Distancing

Here are some tips for staying sane during the COVID-19 outbreak.

10 months ago

“This is a really big challenge.
And we will get through it.”

A Q&A with integrative psychiatrist Henry Emmons, MD, on how to handle the stress of coronavirus.

10 months ago