Functional Medicine

Blue Zones Founder Dan Buettner Shares 5 Tips for Longevity

Looking for the secrets to a longer and happier life? Read this.

3 weeks ago

6 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

A strong immune system is essential for health — in the face of a pandemic or otherwise. Learn how to…

3 weeks ago

Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Care

Why the ancient healing art of Ayurveda is winning modern fans.

1 month ago

5 Ways to Boost Your Immunity

Lifestyle factors — like exercise and nutrition — can boost your immunity.

1 month ago

How Does Vitamin C Aid the Immune System?

Learn how this essential nutrient boosts immunity.

2 months ago

The Stress Alarm

Our biological stress response operates the same whether threats are real or perceived. Here's how your system reacts.

2 months ago

The Best Defense: Boost Your Immune System

Your immune system works to keep you healthy 24 hours a day. Here's how to help it operate at peak…

4 months ago

Does Exercise Boost the Immune System?

Exercise is an immune booster, but if you've been exposed to or are recovering from COVID-19, you might want to…

4 months ago

How to Do a Facial Lymphatic Massage (VIDEO)

Learn how to do this DIY technique that can help drain sinuses, relieve congestion, and reduce fluid retention.

5 months ago

Nutritional Support for Your Immune System

What integrative health MDs are recommending right now to build immunity during the COVID-19 outbreak.

9 months ago

United States of Diabesity

One in two Americans is suffering from diabesity, and most of them don’t even know it. Why? Because most doctors…

12 months ago

How Massage Can Heal the Body and Mind

Think of massage as an indulgence? Perhaps. But it can also be a powerful tool for health and well-being —…

12 months ago

How Functional Medicine Came to the Military

A group of dedicated service members and physicians are bringing whole-person healthcare to the U.S. military to treat brain injuries,…

1 year ago

Defying Convention

Experience Life founding editor Pilar Gerasimo discusses the healthy rewards of conscious nonconformity.

1 year ago

High Anxiety

Some 40 million Americans regularly suffer from troubling levels of anxiety. Find out what triggers these episodes, how our bodies…

1 year ago

How to Support Your Vaginal Microbiome

Here are eight ways to balance your vagina’s pH level — and keep infection at bay.

1 year ago

The Best Supplements for Colds

Integrative nutritionist Kathie Swift, RDN, MS, recommends the following supplements when fighting off a cold.

1 year ago

Big Pharma and the Future of Fecal Transplants

The debate over the future of fecal microbial transplants — and who will have access to them.

1 year ago

What You Need to Know About Essential Oils

Do essential oils work? They've become a powerful wellness trend — but are essential oils a cure-all, a marketing scheme,…

1 year ago

ASK THE DOCTOR: Can You Detox With Activated Charcoal?

An integrative-medicine doc weighs in on the dos and don’ts of using activated charcoal.

2 years ago