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NATURAL MENTAL HEALTH: How to Tame Your Monkey Mind

Becoming more mindful of our racing thoughts can help slow them down.

3 weeks ago

Is the Pandemic Fueling Drug Addiction?

Substance use is surging during the COVID-19 pandemic. We talked to a therapist and addiction counselor about how we can…

1 month ago

How to Stop Doomscrolling

We all do it, especially in these trying times. Here are four tips to stop doomscrolling — and improve your…

2 months ago

How to Be Happy for Others

How cultivating joy for others can help transform scarcity thinking.

3 months ago

How to Use Screen Time Mindfully

Here are four ways to reduce the negative impact of your digital devices.

3 months ago

NATURAL MENTAL HEALTH: This Is Your Brain on Screens

How digital devices affect our mental health.

4 months ago

3 Healthier Stress Responses

Use these techniques to consciously shift your body's response to stress into a state that’s calm, secure, and replenished.

4 months ago

Move to Lift Your Mood

Feeling anxious? Angry? Hostile? Depressed? There may be an exercise to help with that.

4 months ago

How to Stop Ruminating

These strategies can help you break free from the spiral of negative thoughts.

4 months ago

9 Types of Emotional Triggers

Feeling discounted, vulnerable, and self-conscious are just three common categories of emotional triggers.

5 months ago

Why Meaningful Encounters Matter

Loneliness is a huge health risk for us all. Here are ways to create more high-quality connections.

5 months ago

13 Strategies to Deal With Your Emotional Triggers

A psychotherapist offers actionable advice for handling our trigger reactions.

5 months ago

When to Seek Help for Anxiety

If you're struggling with anxiety and unsure whether to seek help or ride it out, consider the following factors.

5 months ago

4 Ways to Treat Anxiety

Learn why anxiety goes hand in hand with depression and irritability — and how to treat it.

6 months ago

How to Take a Mental-Health Day

Taking time off can enhance workplace productivity and personal well-being. Try these four tips to make the most of your…

6 months ago

NATURAL MENTAL HEALTH: How to Support Anxious Teens

Many doctors prescribe medication for teen anxiety, but an integrative developmental and behavioral pediatrician offers these natural therapies.

6 months ago

The Sugar-Depression Connection

Consuming sugar can lead to body-wide inflammation, microbiome disruption, insulin resistance, and more.

7 months ago

NATURAL MENTAL HEALTH: 7 Ways to Boost Serotonin Levels — and Your Mood — This Summer

When the temperature rises, serotonin levels may fall, along with your mood. Turn down the heat with these Ayurveda-inspired tips.

8 months ago

Quick Ways to Get Out in Nature

Whether you have five minutes, 20 minutes, two hours, or all day, here are some ways to get outside.

8 months ago

Can EMDR Change Your Brain?

Why eye movement desensitization and reprocessing — or EMDR — may help treat trauma.

8 months ago

NATURAL MENTAL HEALTH: Why Spending Time Outside Is Essential to Our Mental Health

Integrative psychiatrist Henry Emmons, MD, on why nature is essential to our mental well-being.

9 months ago