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Why Wellness Needs to Be Diversified: A Q&A With Lauren Ash

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When I Do Forward Bends in Yoga, It Hurts — What Should I Do?

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BREAK IT DOWN: Upward-Facing Dog

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3 Yin Poses for New Yogis

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Riding the Waves of Life

Legendary waterman Gerry Lopez explores the deep connections between surfing, yoga, and living.

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Chair Yoga

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Every Body Is a Yoga Body

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What’s the Best Warm-Up for Strength Training?

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Christina Peters’s Success Story

One woman’s yoga practice spurred her recovery from an eating disorder — and offered her a path to self-acceptance.

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Letting Go at Wanderlust 108

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Breathe Like a Yogi

Yoga has been this teacher’s path to spiritual freedom. It can be yours, too.

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Yoga for Every Body: Q&A With Jessamyn Stanley

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Yoga for Athletes (Video)

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Yoga for Athletes

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Breathing Space: Jonny Kest

Renowned teacher Jonny Kest shares his insights on the transformative power of yoga.

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What to Read Now: I Am Yoga

Susan Verde's book aims to center kids' thoughts and bodies through yoga.

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The Art of Stillness

In a world obsessed with speed and rife with distractions, there are few things that feel better than sitting still,…

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