4 Cool-Down Exercises

These quick and simple moves may convince you to never skip the postworkout recovery period again.

3 days ago

How to Do the Ultra Fit Workout at Home

Put your agility, balance, and coordination to the test with this intense 30-minute functional-fitness routine.

2 months ago

The Perfect Warm-Up

Crank out this cutting-edge, all-purpose body-priming routine in 10 minutes flat.

2 months ago

Hip Stretches for Mobility and Strength

Keep your hips happy and fit for a lifetime.

2 months ago

The Resistance-Band Workout

Resistance bands are ideal for everyone, from beginners to elite athletes — and so is this lightning-fast, do-anywhere workout.

3 months ago

4 Cold-Weather Activities to Boost Fitness

Complement your favorite indoor workout routines with these cold-weather pursuits.

4 months ago

Deal Yourself In

A simple deck of cards can help you refresh the most predictable workout routine.

4 months ago

Why Your Hips Matter

Hip problems can affect your lower back, knees, ankles, and feet. Here's why.

5 months ago

6 Exercises for Healthy Hips

Our experts show us how to prevent and recover from hip issues with a series of simple moves.

5 months ago

The Neurobic Workout

These four brain-stimulating workouts can improve coordination, balance, and focus.

5 months ago

The Sprint Workout

Bump up your pace and your conditioning — and have some fun — with these sprint workouts.

5 months ago

Healthy, Happy Hips

Improving strength and mobility in your hips can help alleviate pain and irritation while improving performance and quality of life.

5 months ago

10 Sets, 10 Reps: German Volume Training

Looking for a no-frills way to get strong, fast? Try Charles Poliquin’s modified German Volume Training plan.

6 months ago

The Qigong Workout

This stress-busting routine harnesses movement and breath to open your mind and invigorate your body.

8 months ago

The Primal Move Workout

Based on the movements of young children, this play-based primal workout puts the fun back into fitness.

8 months ago

Strong, Fast & Fit: Part II — Month 6 Moves (VIDEO)

See the moves in action for month 6 of our Strong, Fast & Fit program.

9 months ago

Strong, Fast & Fit: Bringing It Home (Part II, Month 6)

We're pulling out the power moves for an explosive ending to our half-year workout program.

9 months ago

Strong, Fast, and Fit: Part II, Month 5 Moves (Video)

See the moves in action for month 5 of our "Strong, Fast & Fit: Part II" workout.

10 months ago

Moving Meditations

Three stretches to help you increase your body awareness.

11 months ago

Strong, Fast, and Fit: Part II, Month 4 Moves (Video)

See how to do the moves for month 4 of our “Strong, Fast & Fit: Part II” six-month workout program.

11 months ago