Hometown Adventures

Embark on a local outing to rediscover your surroundings — and a new side of yourself.

5 months ago

East Meets West

Separated by decades and thousands of miles, a family reunites in Istanbul.

6 months ago

For the Love of Summer

No-cook summer meals, escapist reads, outdoor fitness — plus so many more ways to make the most of summer!

8 months ago

4 Art Parks to See

Art parks and sculpture gardens invite you to get into nature and move your body while enjoying their remarkable collections.…

8 months ago

One-Day Wonders

Derek Dellinger explored America's most awe-inspiring landscapes to help us all reconnect with nature.

8 months ago

Sea Change: Liz Clark

Captain Liz Clark shares what she's learned from her solo voyage.

9 months ago

4 Great Foodie Cities

Here are four cities that aren't known for their food scenes — but ought to be.

9 months ago

The Contemplative Art of Fly-Fishing

Fly-fishing is a meditative activity that deepens your connection with nature, fellow anglers, and yourself.

10 months ago

Step Outside the Box: Mario Rigby

Mario Rigby shares what he learned from his long-distance treks to inspire others to become more adventurous.

11 months ago

Migration Stations

Each year, millions of birds engage in a remarkable feat of endurance as they fly from one continent to another.…

12 months ago

Keep Climbing: Sara Safari

Human-rights activist and author Sara Safari hopes her unexpected journey from engineer to mountaineer will inspire others to reach for…

1 year ago

Heritage Travel

The National Park Service is known for conserving ecological wonders and recreation areas, but these six historical sites connect us…

1 year ago

How to Take a Race-Cation

Sports travel lets you combine your favorite fitness passion with the opportunity to explore new places.

1 year ago

From the Edge

Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard shares the wisdom of playing, working, and living simply.

1 year ago

5 Adventures for People Who Ride Fat-Tire Bikes

One of our senior editors shares the skinny on riding a fat-tire bike.

1 year ago

Happy Trails

Colorado's mountain dude ranches are dandy places to make four-legged friends - and reconnect with your own free spirit.

1 year ago

4 Road-Trip Routes

These classic road trips are packed with history and adventure. You might just be inspired to spend more time out…

1 year ago

Why Rock-Climbing Can Sharpen Your Mind and Improve Creativity

Climbing does more than simply strengthen your body and help you explore new places.

1 year ago

Let’s Go Someplace Quiet

A project documenting the remotest spots in all 50 states highlights the effects of development on the environment and human…

2 years ago

PUMPING IRONY: Memories of the Mundane

You don’t need to check off items on a bucket list to convince yourself that you’ve lived a full life.…

2 years ago

The Benefits of Forest Bathing

A shinrin-yoku retreat provides opportunities to rebuild a healthy connection with nature and improve your well-being.

2 years ago