Breaking Away

When the best weather of the year arrives, you want to be out there soaking it up. Here's what you need to know to make your outdoor workouts as effective as they are fun.

Buddy System

Every athlete can benefit from training with a partner or group. Here's how to be sure you're getting the most out of your time together.

Heavyweight Fitness

Sixty percent of Americans are classified as overweight. If you're one of them you should know how to exercise around your extra pounds -- without risking injury and setbacks.

Life In the Fit Lane

Are you using your body for real — or going through the motions of working out with no practical purpose? Maybe it's time you integrated your fitness pursuits with what you love and who you are.

Reality Check: How Much Exercise Do You Really Get

Can active-but-average folks possibly hope to stay in shape by mixing a little formal fitness time with a healthy dose of everyday life activity? To find out, we spent a week monitoring four people with different fitness obstacles AND objectives. The results were encouraging.

Don’t Wimp Out

The gym is one place you can cheat and never get caught, but where cheating will cost you every time. Learn how to avoid these common exercise slack-offs and make your workouts righteous!

- Recovery -

Joint Venture

Degenerative joint disease can cause debilitating pain, loss of mobility, and function, even severe disability. But what if you're just starting to suffer from a little wear and tear? Here's how to work with your joints — not against them.