Flex Time

Had it with your sedentary job? Don't just sit there! Reduce stress and keep your muscles on task with some simple workday workouts.    

Just Your Type

Adopting a fitness routine suited to your athletic body type can make the difference in whether your workouts are frustrating or fulfilling.         

Variety Pack

There's more than downhill skiing at mountain resorts. Now you can enjoy the snow four or five ways, even if you have only a weekend to spare.

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No-Fail Fitness

New Year, new plan, right? Great, but don't just hop on the first workout train out of the station. Instead, step back: Examine your goals, your desires, your personality, your life. A little self-awareness now could prevent exercise derailment down the track.

Bye-Bye, Baby Weight

Those darn celebrity moms make it look effortless, but dropping post-delivery pounds can be challenging. Here's what to expect, what to do, and how to cope.

How Triathlon Got Hot

It took one moment of intense drama to spark public interest in triathlon. Now, 22 years later, the sport has spawned a lifestyle — and both have caught fire.