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Fitness For 2

You want to stay fit, and you want your baby to be healthy. Here's what's known (and not yet known) about the potential risks and rewards of staying seriously active — and even competing — while you're expecting.

Encounters With the Edge

No pain, no gain belongs on the dust heap of fitness mottoes. But if you're unwilling to experience even a little discomfort, you're probably leaving a lot of fitness results on the table.

Smooth Transition

You're fast in the water, explosive on the bike and smooth in your running stride. But a great triathlon finish hinges on your performance in the transition area.

Muscle Bound

Bothered by muscle tightness, soreness and strain? Muscle Activation Technique soothes discomfort, improves alignment and helps ward off injury.

Find Your Focus

Zoning out on the treadmill? Fretting while you lift? That lack of focus could be undermining your workouts. Take some advice from the pros on how to tame your wandering mind.