Declutter Series

Minimalist Living

Best-selling author Joshua Becker explains how downsizing your possessions and your calendar can help you focus on the things and…

2 years ago

How to ADHD-Proof Your Home

Here are some decorating tips that might make ADHD easier to manage.

3 years ago

The Art of Enough

How consuming less can help you enjoy life more.

4 years ago

Order Out of Chaos: The Laundry–and–Mud Room (Video)

Follow along as declutter and feng shui expert Andrea Gerasimo walks Experience Life senior director of content Jamie Martin through…

6 years ago

Order Out of Chaos: Laundry–and–Mud Room Makeover

A cluttered laundry-and-mud room becomes a functional, pleasant place to be.

6 years ago

Order Out of Chaos: Bill Payment and Desk Organization

Minimize the stress of paying bills by creating a simple system for household paperwork.

6 years ago

Order Out of Chaos: The Linen Closet and Bathroom

How to arrange your bathroom and linen closet so they support a more peaceful start to the day.

6 years ago

The Minimalist Challenge: #ELminimizes

Join the Experience Life team's 30-day experiment to minimize clutter — inspired by the Minimalists.

7 years ago

Wabi-Sabi Home

Tired of trying to make your home look magazine-slick? Discover the Japanese art of wabi-sabi or “appreciating the imperfect.”

9 years ago

Order out of Chaos: Declutter the Bedroom

Feng-shui expert Andrea Gerasimo explains how to make your bedroom a restful sanctuary.

9 years ago

Order Out of Chaos: The Car

Our decluttering expert shows one very busy fitness editor how to organize her ride.

9 years ago

Order Out of Chaos: The Closet

A feng-shui and decluttering expert explains the secrets of the well-organized closet.

9 years ago

Order Out of Chaos Makeover 3: The Pantry

A kitchen cleared of clutter gives a working mother the space and inspiration to cook.

10 years ago

Order Out of Chaos Makeover 2: The Home Office

Low-cost improvements yield big returns in a cramped home-office space.

10 years ago

Order Out of Chaos Makeover 1: The Entryway

Simple, thoughtful, low-cost strategies for transforming the first place you see when you walk in the door.

10 years ago

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

You stock your kitchen’s pantry shelves with wholesome, all-natural goods. Why not the shelves of  your bathroom, too?

11 years ago

What to Let Go

Hanging on to too much old stuff just because it has “sentimental value” can weigh you down. These smart decluttering…

11 years ago

3 Spaces to Declutter Now

Not ready to take on the whole house? Just making forays into this trio of high-impact areas can help you…

17 years ago