How to Get Cozy

Boost everyday comfort with these five high-quality household goods.

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What’s in Your Wine?

Most bottles contain more than just grapes and yeast. Find out which ingredients find their way into wine — plus…

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4 Ways to Help Kids Change Their Cellphone Habits

Are your children glued to their smartphones? Here are a few ways to help them reclaim their time and focus.

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18 Ways to Break Your Cellphone Habit

Feel like your smartphone is controlling your life? These strategies can help you set it down and reclaim control of…

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How to Do a Facial Lymphatic Massage (VIDEO)

Learn how to do this DIY technique that can help drain sinuses, relieve congestion, and reduce fluid retention.

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How to Make a Reed Diffuser (VIDEO)

Forget scented candles. Learn the steps to make this simple DIY reed diffuser — and fill your home with healthy…

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4 Aloe-Vera Uses

This succulent plant can do so much more than soothe sunburn. Try one of these methods to put aloe vera…

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Which Sunscreen Is Right for You?

Tips to help you pick the right sunscreen.

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How to Find Real Honey

If you're trying to find the best honey, make sure it's raw, local, and single-source. Here's why.

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Five Wellness Trends to Embrace This Summer

Here are a few self-care strategies to jump-start your health this season.

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What’s the Deal With Honey?

The nutritional power of honey is well established. By buying local, you can support regional ecosystems and your neighborhood bees.

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Supplements for Liver Nutrition

Try these antioxidants and herbs to help your liver improve its detoxifying capabilities.

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6 Projects for a Weekend at Home

Consider one of these projects to make good use of your downtime.

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Go Green, Save Green

Repairing or replacing items in your home can reduce your carbon footprint and save you money.

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How to Oil Cleanse

Natural oils are more hydrating and less irritating than many commercial facial cleansers. Give your skin extra hydration with this…

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Recipes to Heal a Leaky Gut

Sarah Kay Hoffman, author of the new book, The Leaky Gut Meal Plan: 4 Weeks to Detox and Improve Digestive…

1 year ago

What’s the Best Way to Clean a Kitchen Sponge?

Kitchen sponges can spread germs. Try throwing them in the dishwasher, boiling them, and even microwaving them to zap bacteria.

1 year ago

Top Foods for Addiction Recovery

The following foods can support the body nutritionally as it adjusts and rebuilds during recovery.

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How to Sage Your Home

Try this ancient practice to promote mindfulness, clarity, and relaxation.

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