Pumping Irony

PUMPING IRONY: Not the Retiring Type

Like most of my boomer compatriots, I’m never going to save enough money to fund a work-free retirement. A recent…

3 days ago


Eight out of 10 American seniors take at least two prescription drugs daily, a fate I’ve been determined to avoid.…

1 week ago

PUMPING IRONY: Crisis Competence

The pandemic persists, but evidence is accumulating that the elderly are coping with its challenges much more successfully than you…

2 weeks ago

PUMPING IRONY: A Real No-Brainer

Recent research suggests that geezers like me need to get out and socialize more in order to prevent dementia, but…

3 weeks ago

PUMPING IRONY: Dying to Know

Wisdom from a palliative-care doctor helps me absorb both the enormous toll of the pandemic and the imminent demise of…

1 month ago


Driven by the demands of a broken business model, nursing homes opened their doors to coronavirus patients — with predictable…

1 month ago


An anxious journey to visit my dying brother offers a powerful argument against fleeing from sorrow and pain.

2 months ago

PUMPING IRONY: Keep Calm and Carry On

Recent research suggests the elderly are coping more effectively than their younger peers with the emotional challenges of the pandemic.…

2 months ago

PUMPING IRONY: A Cancer Chronicle

In the pursuit of some genuine empathy in the wake of my brother’s cancer diagnosis, I find surprising wisdom in…

2 months ago

PUMPING IRONY: A Dose of Reality

All indications suggest seniors may be wise to temper their expectations about a forthcoming COVID-19 vaccine.

3 months ago

PUMPING IRONY: Salutary Side Effects?

Non-COVID hospital admissions have dropped precipitously since the pandemic struck, leading some to suggest our precautions have somehow made us…

3 months ago


As my brother tumbles into the cancer vortex, I find myself struggling to find ways to express my grief and…

3 months ago

PUMPING IRONY: Location, Location, Location

Many factors affect our access to healthcare, but new research suggests that where we choose to live may actually enhance…

3 months ago

PUMPING IRONY: Trials and Tribulations

Elderly Americans who volunteer for drug trials seldom make the cut. That makes it more difficult for researchers to know…

4 months ago

PUMPING IRONY: Statins and Suspicions

Recent research suggests cholesterol-reducing drugs may be safer than once thought and offer cancer- and COVID-fighting benefits. So, why do…

4 months ago


While COVID-19 has exacted a huge toll on those coping with a chronic disease, few have suffered more than older…

4 months ago

A Dose of Uncertainty

As we wait impatiently for a COVID-19 vaccine to free us from the current pandemic, a recent survey indicates surprising…

4 months ago

PUMPING IRONY: Risky Business

While pandemic-weary Americans are stretching the boundaries that once contained their activities, I find myself wondering about my own tolerance…

5 months ago

PUMPING IRONY: The Perils of Normalcy

Six months into the current pandemic, I realize I’ve begun to forget the lessons it’s been trying to teach me.

5 months ago

PUMPING IRONY: Faulty Connections

The current pandemic has sparked a boom in telemedicine, but a new study notes the many reasons why it’s not…

5 months ago

PUMPING IRONY: The Kids Are Alright?

Some evidence suggests that young people are carrying the virus into their multigenerational households, triggering the pandemic’s recent surge. Does…

6 months ago