Pilar Gerasimo

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All I Want for Christmas

If there’s any time of year when it’s easy to lose one’s sense of center, it’s the holidays. Then again, if there’s any time of year ideal for regaining one’s sense of center, I’d say that it’s the holidays, too. Particularly if you get an early and proactive start on it.

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Wild Child

One summer, when I was about 8 years old, a lovely young woman named Jennifer came to spend a month or so on the farm where I grew up. Jennifer, who must have been the friend of a family friend, was a mysterious creature.

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The Whole Truth

Call me radical, but given the ragged state of health and fitness in our country, I think it’s about time we started seeking the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about what really makes for a healthy way of life. It’s also high time we all started saying “no thanks” to the hype.

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Stand Up for Your Cells

We’ve known for a long time that spending too much time and energy at work can cost us. We’ve all seen hardworking friends disappear off the social radar while in hot pursuit of career success, and many of us have risked becoming strangers to our own families as the result of work demands that made no space for weekends and evenings at home.

The Way of the Healthy Person

Good health, at core, is less a destination than life-enhancing journey. But if there is any clear path toward the promised land of healthy living, it begins not on any treadmill or diet plan, but on the fertile ground of our own thoughts, assumptions and beliefs.