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U.S. Congressman Tim Ryan and Pilar Gerasimo Discuss A Mindful Nation

Hear Congressman Tim Ryan in this interview with Pilar Gerasimo as he advocates for mindfulness.


This straight-talking, football-playing, 40-year-old U.S. congressman might seem like an unlikely advocate for mindfulness meditation, but since releasing his first book, A Mindful Nation (Hay House, 2012), Representative Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) has become something of a poster boy for the mindfulness movement (check him out on the cover of Mindful magazine!). It’s a growing movement that Ryan would like to see blossom in conflict-steeped Washington, D.C., among other places, and he devotes the majority of his book to profiling individuals and organizations — including schools, healthcare systems and military groups — where the use of meditation and other mindfulness practices have proven positively transformative.

Ryan makes a strong case for why each of us (and particularly those of us prone to stress, time poverty and other chronic challenges) can benefit from daily mindfulness rituals, and how we stand to benefit collectively from less reactive, more compassionate approaches to our daily challenges and disagreements.

We’re proud to have Congressman Ryan — a huge advocate for healthy, conscious living — join the ranks of our fast-growing RevActivist movement. Learn more about his book and his work at MindfulNation.org, and check out Pilar Gerasimo’s podcast interview with him.

To stay up to date on Congressman Ryan’s ongoing pro-mindfulness efforts, follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

This audio is no longer available. Listen to “Real Food Revolution: Pilar Gerasimo Interviews Congressman Ryan.”

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