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Distraction-Free Living: The Journey to Becoming Hands Free with Rachel Stafford, the Hands Free Mama (Healthy Revolution Conference 2014) (Audio)

Listen in as Experience Life senior editor Jamie Martin discusses mindfulness with using electronic devices while parenting with Rachel Stafford.


Big ideas from this session:

  • Why we need to re-evaluate our time, priorities, and choices
  • How to balance modern-day technology with distraction-free living
  • The healing benefits of presence
  • The physiological and biological effects of distracted living
  • Strategies for beginning to let go so you can be more present

Rachel Macy Stafford is a certified special education teacher with a Master’s Degree in education and 10 years of experience working with parents and children. In December 2010, this life-long writer felt compelled to share her journey to let go of distraction and grasp what really matters by creating the blog “Hands Free Mama.” Using her skills as a writer, teacher, and encourager, Rachel provides readers with simple, non-intimidating, and motivating methods to let go of distraction and connect with their loved ones. Rachel’s work has been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, Global News, USA Today, TIME.comMSN.com, The Huffington Post, and Reader’s Digest. Her blog currently averages one million visitors a month. Rachel’s new book, Hands Free Mama, is a New York Times Bestseller.

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