Zia ActiShield Shave Gel

It’s enough just to have to shave your face every day, but then there’s the problem of method: Do you use aerosol shave creams to avoid razor burn, or submit to plain old soap and water to steer clear of potentially harmful chemical additives (diethanolamine and sodium lauryl sulphate, to name two)

These Zia nonfoaming shave gels offer a third way: They’re paraben-free and provide a rich layer of plant-based protection between face and blade without organ-damaging chemicals. There are two versions — ActiShield contains vitamin E and eucalyptus to cool skin that gets irritated and bumpy; the fragrance-free HydraShield has grape-seed oil to soften coarse beards and aloe to soothe razor burn. About $10 for a 5-ounce tube. Zia is available at many natural groceries and pharmacies; you can order directly from www.zianatural.com.

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