Yogi Tea

One of the great things about chai tea, and part of its centuries-old popularity in India, is that it energizes the drinker with a whole host of herbs, not just caffeine.

This same herbal wisdom is at the heart of Yogi Tea’s expansive line of full-flavored teas. Each attractive box indicates the emotional state that the tea’s herbs help support: Cocoa spice means comfort, the green tea delivers energy, and so on. (They even show a complementary yoga pose on the side panel.) If you want a vigorous way to start the day that won’t leave your mood in the ditch two hours later, try one of these satisfying blends. One eye-opener we like: the Classic India Spice. It delivers a bracing aroma of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom bark and black pepper. Nice with a little milk and honey for an afternoon snack, too. Find Yogi Teas at your local natural grocery for $3 to $5 per box, or order at

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