Yogi Rest and Relax Sampler Tea

Few things are more soothing to jangled nerves than a cozy cup of tea, especially when said tea includes relaxation-enhancing herbs. This tasty sampler from Yogi contains a range of time-tested herbal remedies for a racing mind: The minty “bedtime” blend aids digestion and helps you sleep with some added valerian root and skullcap; the “stress relief” tea uses kava kava to promote relaxation and clarity (great before a stressful meeting); the lavender-scented “calming” tea contains chamomile and gotu kola to help you relax without grogginess; and the traditional chamomile is an excellent soother any time of day or night. A healthy way to interrupt the stress cycle and give your body a chance to replenish itself.

About $5 a box at your local natural grocery. If you’re dealing with major stress, you can order by the case from www.yogiproducts.com.

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