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Who’s the Fittest of Them All?

The American College of Sports Medicine released its annual list of fittest U.S. cities this week.

The American College of Sports Medicine released its seventh annual list of fittest U.S. cities this week, placing Washington, D.C., squarely at the top of the list.

The D.C. Metro area, which includes parts of Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia, earned an overall score of 77.3 — edging out Minneapolis-St. Paul, which garnered a score of 73.5.

Washington and the Twin Cities have been locked in a friendly rivalry since the ACSM introduced its Fitness Index in 2008, holding the top two spots for six of the last seven years.

These and other cities were evaluated based on such factors as activity levels, number of famers markets, number of smokers, diabetes death rate, community health practices, unemployment rate, health insurance coverage, and accessibility to public parks.

Several California cities were ranked among the nation’s fittest cities. The least fit cities included Memphis, Louisville, and Oklahoma City. (See the full list here.)

Top 10 Fittest U.S. Cities — 2014:

  1. Washington, D.C.
  2. Minneapolis—St. Paul
  3. Portland, Oreg.
  4. Denver, Colo.
  5. San Francisco, Calif.
  6. San Jose, Calif.
  7. Seattle, WA
  8. San Diego, Calif.
  9. Boston, Mass.
  10. Sacramento, Calif.

Maggie Fazeli Fard is Experience Life's staff writer. She formerly lived in Washington, D.C., and currently resides in Minneapolis.

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