Wholly Guacamole

Packed with nutrients, avocados are a delicious power food that make almost any sandwich or salad both tastier and healthier.

Their perfection is slightly marred by the fact that they become brown and mushy heartbreakingly fast — a problem that’s solved by these ingenious “fresherized” packets. Wholly Guacamole seals 100 calories worth of avocado (a surprisingly healthy portion!) into a plastic packet treated with ultra-high water pressure. This process keeps the avocados fresh and green for up to 30 days at room temperature — without any chemical additives. Perfect for everything from your lunchtime sandwich to a high-altitude camping menu, they’re available in several flavors, from plain avocado to spicy guacamole. Find them at your local natural grocery (a six-pack is about $4.50) and at www.whollyguac.com.

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