What Your Body Is Trying to Tell You, Part 3

Health experts explain possible causes for niggling symptoms, including snoring, night sweats, and eye twitching.

Illustration of body issues

Eye twitches. Nighttime bathroom visits. Nosebleeds. What to make of these annoyances?

The answer is usually “not much.” You stare at screens all day and your eye might twitch. If you hit the gym after work and guzzle a gallon of water, a midnight bathroom trip makes sense. Or a winter visit to bone-dry Arizona dries out your nose. Symptom matches situation.

Even if a minor symptom strikes regularly, you might be inclined to brush it aside, chalking up your snoring or chronically cold hands to an unlucky genetic draw.

Yet, on occasion, small symptoms can signal that something’s up. It may not be serious, but an imbalance may be brewing, or something in your environment may be causing your body to react. Maybe it is only the dry air in Tucson. At times, however, the root cause is less obvious and the solution requires a bit more consideration — and possibly intervention.

We asked a handful of experts to shine a light on some common quirky symptoms. They offer their insights on possible causes, what you can do to ease them, and when it’s a good idea to seek the support of a trusted healthcare practitioner.

FMCHC, is a functional-medicine health coach and health journalist in Minneapolis.

Illustrations by: Rocco Baviera

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