What is an As Many ROUNDS As Possible (AMRAP) Workout?

Learn about the distinction between “as many ROUNDS as possible” and “as many REPS as possible” workouts.

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In an AMRAP workout — with the “r” standing for rounds — a person strives to do as many sets of a several-exercise circuit as they can within a specific time constraint (say, 15 minutes). The goal, says Chad Waterbury, author of Huge in a Hurry, is to increase fat loss and metabolic conditioning.

“In essence, you’re training your body to do more work in a set amount of time,” says Waterbury. “It’s a way to motivate people to progress with each workout, without a specific target rep (i.e., 20 straight pull-ups) in mind.”

Here are four great workouts from the Experience Life archives that can be done AMRAP style:

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