COMING CLEAN: What Happens When You Throw Money at a Crowd…

Many people donate money or time to charities this time of year, but one Twin Cities man decided he’d give $1,000 away — to complete strangers. At the Mall of America.

I caught this news clip online tonight and wanted to share it with you all. Part of me applauded his intention, the other part thought, heck, if you’re going to throw money at a crowd, why do it at a mall where people are already spending money? It seems like the need isn’t there.

Yet, his reasoning intrigued me: After his recent divorce, he wanted to do something to lift his spirits. He wanted to change his karmic fate and spread holiday cheer. So this was his answer.

What do you all think?

Man Who Tossed $1,000 At MOA Tells His Story

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