Water Geeks Filtered Water Bottles

These bottles provide filtered water on the spot, wherever you are.

Replace that heavy bottle of filtered water you’re lugging to the gym with one empty stainless-steel bottle from Water Geeks. Each one comes with its own high-grade filter that captures chlorine and other tap-water contaminants, so you can filter onsite wherever you are. When the filter eventually wears out (after 800 12-ounce refills), you can buy affordable replacements. Besides lightening your load, these bottles let you do right by Mother Earth. Approximately 17 million barrels of fossil fuels are used each year to make disposable plastic water bottles, which never fully biodegrade. This is a much better way to quench your thirst! Available in 12- and 24-ounce sizes. $22–$25 at www.thewatergeeks.com.

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