Wally’s Ear Oil

A 2000 study at the University of Maryland showed that 97 percent of ear infections will clear naturally in four days, but the suffering that goes with ear troubles in a child can cause the steeliest of parental souls to head straight for the pharmacy.

If you’re trying to avoid overusing antibiotics and want to give loved ones some immediate relief from ear discomfort, this natural remedy is a great first response. Wally’s Natural Ear Oil formula contains antibacterial tea tree oil, echinacea and garlic in a base of sweet almond oil. The tea tree oil and garlic help clear mild infections, and the almond oil soothes itch and irritation. When combined with the application of a hot-water bottle (parents in some cultures use a bag of warmed salt), this drug-free solution can bring surprisingly effective relief for occasional infections in both kids and adults. It also works as a natural remedy for ear mites in cats and dogs and is a whole lot cheaper than a vet trip. Find suppliers at www.wallysnatural.com. About $12 for a 1-ounce bottle with glass dropper.

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