PUMPING IRONY: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Well, my shoulder’s no longer sore — now it’s my back that’s killing me.

As usual, I don’t know what I did to bring this on, but I’d sure like to prevent it. I did take a different tack with my Friday workout, detouring past my usual cardio routine and heading right for the resistance machines. (I got a late start . . .) But I didn’t do anything in that 40 minutes of heavy lifting that seemed to pain me too much.

In fact, my shoulder felt fine afterward.

I did spend a fair amount of time on my bicycle this weekend, pedaling maybe six miles Friday night, another five or so on Saturday, and maybe 12 on Sunday. It wasn’t Tour de France stuff, but I suppose all that hunching over my handlebars might have taken its toll. Who knows?

Anyway, I think I’ll skip the stationary bike at the gym tonight and do a little treadmill work, since my knee’s feeling OK. Then a round of lifting and a bike ride home.

We’ll see what happens.

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