To-Go Ware Bamboo Flatware Set

You have your to-go mug and you take it everywhere. Maybe you even have your favorite reusable containers that you faithfully bring along when you visit the salad bar or deli counter. But are you still scraping the bottom of your bamboo bowl with a disposable plastic fork No need. Now you can complete your waste-not collection of utensils with this handy set of lightweight bamboo flatware from To-Go Ware. It comes in its own stylish and simple canvas pouch,complete with carabiner hook that you can attach to your backpack or the inside of your bag. There’s even a pair of chopsticks included, so you’re ready for any and all culinary delights that come your way. The bamboo itself gets especially high marks for sustainability; it grows like a weed with little water.

You can find these flatware sets at REI, or at About $12 a set.

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